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Chin Up.

Head High.

Now view the possibilities. 

The art of storytelling, the impact of knowledge sharing, and delivery of key information all rely on the impact of the speaker. Speaker coaching is about building and reinforcing that neuropathway of speaker acumen. Like any skill, speaking requires practise, refinement and energy.  

I’ve coached leaders, across Asia Pacific, AMER and Europe on strategies to allow emotions to elevate presence on stage through tone, pitch, pace, energy, movement and impact. 

Speaking | in-person or virtual 

Available for keynotes, session moderation, panels and workshops


  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence

  • Effective communication - elevating personal brand, presence and authority through Emotional Intelligence.

  • The Speaker Mindset- How to speak with impact, influence and energy.

*All topics can be tailored to suit audience, theme or overall business strategy or objective

Speaker Coaching | in-person or virtual

I offer a variety of different training and coaching modalities . Let’s discuss what approach will best suit your needs.

  • Group speaker training 

  • 1:1 coaching

  • Executive speaker coaching

Other Services 

  • Strategy creation for speaker learning pathways

  • Speaker management, table reads and dress rehearsals

  • Available onsite for speaker coaching for events (Full day).

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