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And now,

welcome the 

star of the

show- EQ

The ability to connect, have empathy, contribute to community and value self care, can sometimes be given the cameo appearance in our lives, when really, it was always meant to have the lead role.

Understanding the fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence, why our emotions present and how we can synergize with them is a crucial skill. Easily adopted, generally understood, but sometimes forgotten and deactivated.

An EQ led life is one that is grounded in gratitude, fuelled with celebration of self and others, and one that accepts failure and success as necessary to growth

What do I talk about? Emotional intelligence in many ways. 

Simply put, emotional intelligence sits at the core of my work, and I can align to your needs, strategy, or business objective. I've presented at leadership and team off-sites, wellness events, as part of change management or burnout focussed events  in the workplace, workshops, sales kick off events and  annual conferences. 

Have a I missed a session type you're interested in? Let’s chat!

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